Welcome to Gerards

Makers of Italian ice cream for over a century, Gerards owes its success to the timeless tradition of the ice cream maker’s craft - yet since the beginning has sought to innovate and bring new taste experiences to its customers.

As a result, over the years our menu has constantly expanded to meet popular demand.

These days, alongside Gerards famous, original-recipe Ice Cream you can expect to find fresh, good-for-you, fruit-ice options as well as confectionary and freshly roasted Italian coffee - so come rain or shine, we have something to tempt the crowds!

Plus, from specialist catering units to traditional ice cream stalls, we have everything we need to serve venues and events of all sizes, all over the UK. From motor racing to rock festivals, we’re guaranteed to bring a touch of Italian class - wherever we go!

Our office in Manchester is at William Street, Ardwick, Manchester, M12 5FX. Or you can phone us on 0161 274 3419

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